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How Stakefair plans to onboard the next 1 billion DeFi users in Africa

Stakefair was launched in October 2021, as BetDemand; a no-loss staking platform for Africans. Users…

ByBit donates $134 million to its local DAO, BitDAO

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, ByBit announced on Thursday, 27 January, 2022, that it would be donating…

AssangeDAO raises $38 million to help free Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange from prison

A group of people from a telegram group have raised 12000 ETH($38 million) to release the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange from a possible 175 years in prison

An Armenian Artist is selling her eggs as an NFT

Russian Armenian artist, Narine Arakelian is giving away one of her eggs as an incentive to buy her new piece of NFT art.

Aave launches decentralised social media platform, Lens Protocol to rival Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The decentralised finance lending platform is building a social media platform powered by the blockchain that will rival the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Amril Pal NFT Gallery
This artist is building an art gallery on the metaverse

NFT artist, Amrit Patel Singh, has made over $1m selling art on the blockchain and now he’s building an art gallery on the metaverse.

Rupt Reviews: Solana, the “Ethereum killer”

Ethereum is losing users due to the high cost of gas fees, and a certain blockchain is receiving them with open arms

Ex-Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, joins Chainlink Labs as strategic advisor

Top executive to move from web2 to web3. Eric Schmidt is the latest.

Budweiser is launching custom NFTs
The beer giant is releasing 1936 NFTs ranging from $499 to $999.  Popular beer company,…
Introduction to Web 3: Internet of the future

Have you ever had wild imaginations of what the internet would look like in the…