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Budweiser is launching custom NFTs

Budweiser is launching custom NFTs

The beer giant is releasing 1936 NFTs ranging from $499 to $999. 

Popular beer company, Budweiser, has always kept up with trends and popular culture in its efforts to win more customers and further increase its brand equity.

This time, the beverage company is venturing into the blockchain and Web 3 space by launching its own non-fungible token (NFTs).

NFTs are virtual assets on the blockchain with unique identities that can’t be exchanged for each other.

The first set of NFTs which the company will release are dubbed Budverse Cans: Heritage Edition.

The series will have 1,936 individual Budweiser NFT collectables, paying homage to 1936, when the company first started distributing beer in cans.

Each NFT will contain elements of classic photos, ads, and design documents charting the brand’s history.

Budweiser, which is owned by Belgian Brewers, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, has announced via press release on Monday, November 29, 2021, that all the released NFTs would give undisclosed perks and benefits to its owners.

The brand said in the release, “These Budweiser NFTs will act as your key to the Budverse and can unlock exclusive benefits, rewards, and surprises.”

They also stated that the benefits would be strictly limited to owners who are of legal drinking age.

There are two sets of Budverse Can NFTs available: 1900 Core Cans, which will be sold for $499 each and 36 Limited Version Gold Cans, which will be sold for $999 each.

The beer company revealed that the NFTs would be created on the Ethereum Blockchain Network and listed on the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea.


“The Budweiser NFTs were designed to celebrate the brand’s iconic history while also moving Budweiser into the metaverse,” said Spencer Gordon, Anheuser-Busch’s VP of Digital to Marketing Blog, Ad Age.

“The launch of this NFT collection is another example of our innovative and consumer-first approach to further strengthen our iconic brands,” he continued.

Earlier this year, Budweiser changed its Twitter name to “beer.eth,” confirming rumours that the company purchased an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) name back in August.

An ENS name is connected to an Ethereum wallet, just like how “” points to a website.

Budweiser joins the league of companies like Nike, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Twitter as they try to adopt and use crypto and blockchain technology to endear their brand to loyal and prospective customers and users.

This move by Budweiser shows that big tech companies are not the only ones that see the potential in these new technologies. Eventually, more companies are expected to join the trend.

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