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Bitfinex hack: One partner gets bail, the other stays in jail

The eccentric couple who allegedly set up a money laundering scheme from the largest Bitcoin hack have been separated on Valentine’s Day.

“Bitcoin’s domination of crypto payments is dwindling” – Bitpay

According to data from Bitpay, one of the leading cryptocurrency payments processors, Bitcoin’s rule over…

Bitcoin to $30k?: Investors worry as cryptocurrency prices continue to dip

Cryptocurrencies have seen a sharp reduction in price for the last couple of days. A…

Binance US officially launches trading services in Connecticut

Binance is now trading in Connecticut.

Binance buys 18% stake in Singapore-based exchange, HGX

Binance continues its buying spree. The crypto exchange recently splurged on acquiring Singapore-based private securities exchange, HGX.

Binance is investing $200 million in Forbes

The crypto exchange is making a large investment in Forbes to support its dreams of getting listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Billionaire Investor, Bill Miller bets big on Bitcoin

Bill Miller has 50% of his total investment portfolio and net worth is in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Bank of Korea completes first phase of digital currency pilot

The Bank of Korea, just completed the first phase of its central bank digital currency mock testing which it started in August 2021.

Argentina’s largest private bank to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum trading

The largest bank in Argentina is helping their customers fight inflation with Bitcoin.

American Senator, Elizabeth Warren Queries Crypto Miners about Environmental Implications

The American Senator wrote a letter to New York-based Bitcoin mining company, Greenidge Generation, asking for details on the company’s emissions.