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How Stakefair plans to onboard the next 1 billion DeFi users in Africa

Stakefair was launched in October 2021, as BetDemand; a no-loss staking platform for Africans. Users…

“Bitcoin’s domination of crypto payments is dwindling” – Bitpay

According to data from Bitpay, one of the leading cryptocurrency payments processors, Bitcoin’s rule over…

Bank of Korea completes first phase of digital currency pilot

The Bank of Korea, just completed the first phase of its central bank digital currency mock testing which it started in August 2021.

Aave launches decentralised social media platform, Lens Protocol to rival Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The decentralised finance lending platform is building a social media platform powered by the blockchain that will rival the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Introduction to crypto wallets: The “bank of the free”

Where you keep your crypto is as important as the bank you choose to use

What is a token? 

You might just have been using this crypto word wrongly. Find out here…

Introduction to Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

Decentralised Finance, popularly known as “DeFi”, is one of the hottest trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Rupt Reviews: Solana, the “Ethereum killer”

Ethereum is losing users due to the high cost of gas fees, and a certain blockchain is receiving them with open arms

Introduction to crypto exchanges: The marketplace of cryptocurrencies

What do you think the Amazon and Walmart of cryptocurrencies would look like? Find out here.

Airdrops: What are they and how do they work?

Understand how people make money from the most popular crypto marketing technique.