Report: The State of central bank digital currency worldwide

The concept of money has evolved over the years, with cryptocurrencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) being the most recent. CBDCs are digital currencies issued by a government and pegged to the
country’s fiat currency. Technically, CBDCs are not cryptocurrencies, but they are essential to the future of digital currencies.

This report on the ‘State of Central Bank Digital Currency Around the World’ looks at CBDCs worldwide — their status, laws, regulations, and other things.

In line with Rupt’s mission of bridging the knowledge and access gap to blockchain-related technologies, this report is the first of many for everyone. Even though it is highly simplified for the subject matter, it has been painstakingly collated, reviewed, and presented.

Here are a few highlights from this report:

  • 87 countries are at different phases of digital currency launch.
  • 8 of the 9 countries that have launched a digital currency are North American.
  • Nigeria is the only African country to have launched a digital currency.

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