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Crypto for Lawyers in 60 Minutes (1 CPD) (Free Event)

Crypto for Lawyers in 60 Minutes (1 CPD) (Free Event)

Event by Golden Intelligence²

Sat, Sep 24, 2022, 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

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✔️ Are you a lawyer?
✔️ Are you still a bit confused about how crypto, bitcoin, blockchain and “all that stuff” works?
✔️ Want to know how it all works and why it matters for lawyers, without a brain transplant or needing to become a tech guru computer programmer?
✔️ Then this event is for you.

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💥 First, you are definitely not alone.
💥 But you now MUST learn to navigate crypto before it becomes a new status quo in legal practice.
💥 Crypto is turning many industries (including law) inside out, making total monkeys out of the late-comers.

Some background on the crypo game:
☣️ Crypto (short for cryptocurrencies) are alternative currencies.
☣️ Today, you can use pay crypto (instead of cash) for goods and services in many places.
☣️ Crypto is worth an estimated $1.3Trillion and counting, albeit marked by *incredible* market volatility.
☣️ That doesn’t count the value of crypto infrastructure – a booming industry itself.
☣️ Some say the crypto game is a bubble waiting to burst.
☣️ Some say the crypto game is the start of a new world order.
☣️ Some speculate that crypto will replace fiat money and regulated banking for good.
☣️ Regardless, crypto is already creeping over banking, property, government and other sectors globally.
☣️ Crypo has spread as vastly and as rapidly as the coronavirus, and it seems just as pervasive too.
☣️ Most governments and financial institutions have some foothold in crypto today.
☣️ Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Microsoft, Tesla to name a few.

What does this mean for lawyers?
💥 We “are inhabiting this Cryptoland”, as in present tense reality, not some sci-fi fantasy future.
💥 Lawyers MUST get on top of crypto now to not fall behind.
💥 Lawyers MUST learn exactly how to navigate (and dominate) Cryptoland, stat.
💥For the lawyers who miss the boat: godspeed. Truly. :z

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Don’t risk it. Join us for this FREE Replay of our Crypto for Lawyers in 60 Minutes Livestream. (This is a pre-recording, as only paid applicants were invited to a livestream. But it covers the same content for free.)

In the session, we cover a birdseye view on EVERYTHING crypto, bitcoin, blockchain, and what it all means for you as a lawyer and your clients.

✔️ Beginner-friendly content.
✔️ Replay will take less than 60 minutes total, guaranteed.

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