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What Web3 & Metaverse Means for Mercedes-Benz

What Web3 & Metaverse Means for Mercedes-Benz

Event by Anthony Day

Wed, Nov 2, 2022, 12:00 PM 

Something HUGE and exciting to look out for: an exclusive LinkedIn Live with Hartmut Mueller, the CTO behind Mercedes’ Web3 and Blockchain revolution

Hartmut (VP of IT Technology & Cross Functions, Mercedes-Benz AG) is a highly experienced enterprise technology leader, Blockchain and Web3 advocate, and is driving the department which provides Mercedes-Benz with its most cutting edge technologies

It’s rare to hear from someone who plays such a significant role in one of the world’s leading automotives, let alone get his insights on Blockchain and the details behind their latest Blockchain-IoT-Data project: Acentrik.

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Over the course of this 30-minute live session, we’re going to cover:
– The involvement of Mercedes-Benz in Web3
– Real world application for enterprises – Acentrik as a Blockchain product
– How Mercedes-Benz are thinking about the Metaverse

Do not miss this exclusive session! Getting access to someone as prominent as Hartmut was not easy… Hit the button to sign up now

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