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NFT•Web3•Metaverse Global Leaders Roundtable

NFT•Web3•Metaverse Global Leaders Roundtable

Event by Alex G. Lee, Ph.D. Esq.

Thu, Dec 1, 2022, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

This online event is intended to recap the previous NFT/Web3/Metaverse webinars and roadshows that were organized and moderated in 2022 by Dr. Alex G. Lee to review the combined topics/agendas holistically and to provide a networking opportunity among speakers and participants. Dr. Alex G. Lee will review all of participated global leaders’ talks/presentations in NFT/Web3/Metaverse. Live session/discussion with some previous speakers about the recent trends/new insights/future directions in NFT/Web3/Metaverse will be included. Networking among speakers and participants will be planned.

Present and future of NFT/Web3/Metaverse
NFT for Web3 based Metaverse
NFT monetization
NFT finalization via NFT + DeFi convergence
NFT/Web3/Metaverse in fashion/media/art/real estates
Legal issues with NFT/Web3/Metaverse (Crypto World)

Online Zoom meeting 

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