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Growth tactics 2023

Growth tactics 2023

Event by Jesper Åström

Tue, Dec 20, 2022, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM 

Last year I held a session on the trends I saw for 2022. My prediction was that we would see a year where integrity, identity, margins, blockchain, and automation & AI would be the underlying drivers that would affect growth.

At the time I had no idea of the impact of high energy prices or the war in Ukraine. However, all of the topics played out more or less the way I thought they would although the effect of price increases was more extreme than what pre-war and energy crisis conditions gave us reason to assume.

This year I intend to present my analysis of the market a few days before the session and focus my time on tactics that will work for different stages of growth.

We have an exciting year full of consequences that will affect our businesses as well as a huge binge of opportunities if you just manage to change your business strategy to meet the demand that exists in the market.

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Some of the topics:
– Network and product-led growth will be winning strategies
– Decentralisation will put large players out of business
– Geopolitics will open new markets in Asia and the Middle east
– Talent will become accessible as layoffs increase
– CPM will decrease as businesses cut back on media spending
– Capital will be abundant for those with nice P/E-values

The session will focus on what to do if my analysis holds. For different stages of business growth. We only have an hour so it will be an overview but full of tactical examples and applications.

The session is suitable for startups, scale-up companies, and large brands interested in launching new products and services in 2023.

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