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Crypto Token Economics (Tokenomics) educational interactive live stream

Crypto Token Economics (Tokenomics) educational interactive live stream

Event by William De’Ath

Thu, Dec 15, 2022, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

“If you have bad Tokenomics, your start-up is doomed to fail, ” my expert for this interactive live stream says, and he is quite right.

In recent times we have seen Blockchain organisations failing and struggling. Join Michal and me for a free workshop on Token Utility subjects, including the auditing and design process.

Come and ask Michal your questions. All experience is welcome, and with you, I am looking forward to learning from Michal.

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Michal is a co-founder and Chief Economist at BonqDAO. Holding a Master’s in economics and practising token economics hands-on since 2017, he’s worked with enterprises such as Kudelski Security and Lufthansa and many crypto projects, including Energy Web. He recently joined the Brinc accelerator as a token economics mentor.

Will you join us?

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