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Airdrops: What are they and how do they work?

Understand how people make money from the most popular crypto marketing technique.

Bulls and Bears: The movement of the crypto market explained

In the world of investing and the cryptocurrency market, bulls and bears mean just more than animals that can kill with ease. Learn what they mean for your crypto portfolio.

What is a seed phrase?

Learn the 12 words that stand between your crypto investments and hackers.

Buy the dip: The crypto believers chant

Generally, a dip refers to the act of putting something solid into liquid in a…

Introduction to gas fees: The fuel of the Ethereum blockchain

Cars need petrol to run, so does the Ethereum Blockchain. Find out how gas fees power one of the most blockchain networks

The difference between the blockchain and Bitcoin

If you wouldn’t call an orange fruit an orange tree and vice versa, you shouldn’t use bitcoin and blockchain interchangeably.

What is GameFi?

You’re playing Monopoly online during the weekend with friends, and as usual, they are all…

Introduction to Web 3: Internet of the future

Have you ever had wild imaginations of what the internet would look like in the…