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🎧 New Web3 Podcast! #RightClickSaveTheWorld: Fri 11th Nov, 4pm CET

🎧 New Web3 Podcast! #RightClickSaveTheWorld: Fri 11th Nov, 4pm CET

Event by Anthony Day

Fri, Nov 11, 2022, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

🔥 Me and Diego Borgo launched a new show! And it’s the Blockchain and Web3 podcast you deserve… Bringing together tech knowledge, culture, and insider knowledge from cutting edge Web3 projects. Sign up now!

🚨 Pilot episode: Friday 11th November, 4pm CET, LinkedIn Live

⏳ I told you we were up to something!

We want to bring you a regular show that doesn’t just tell you the headlines of what’s happening in Web3, but WHY it’s happening, WHAT technology is being used, and HOW the latest projects will transform business and culture.

Diego works with some of the biggest and coolest brands to reimagine customer engagement and value with Web3 tech. And me: I’ve spent 20 years developing growth and product strategies, and spent the last 6 years delivering Blockchain platforms for start-ups, enterprise and governments.

🧠 If you really want to UNDERSTAND Web3, this show is for you.

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🤫 Of course, there will be bottomless Q&A, special guests, and a few other surprises along the way.

🫡 We need your input too: which topics, content or guests would you like to see us bring to the show?

Get yourself signed up, and we’ll see you on Friday 11th at 4pm CET

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